Toowoomba Real Estate Sales Agent

Customised and Affordable Property Services for Toowoomba Sellers

  • Do you want an agent who is going to sell your house like it’s their own?
  • Do you want an agent who is truly a local area expert, because they have lived in Toowoomba for almost four decades?
  • Do you want an agent who implements a customised, innovative marketing plan for your property?
  • Do you want all of these things, but at an affordable, value-based price?

Then Picket Fence Properties can help you!

Bryan Gray, owner and principal of Picket Fence Properties, is putting the ‘real’ back into real estate, with his genuine, down-to-Earth approach. If you are wary of the agents spin-talking on your doorstep or starring in MTV-style ‘sales videos’, then Bryan and PFP are the agents for you. No harassment tactics. No music videos. Just honest, expert advice. 

As a born-and-bred Toowoomba local and a well-respected Toowoomba professional, Bryan knows that most people just want an agent with integrity, expertise and dedication, who will charge a realistic price. So if you are looking for an agent who treats you like family and sells your house like it’s his own, then PFP are the agents for you. 


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Dedicated, Professional Service

At PFP, our agents bring the actual credibility of personal property ownership and investment experience, delivered with a modern, innovative approach. Owner and principal Bryan has bought, renovated and sold many properties over the years in Toowoomba and throughout Queensland - so he won’t just give you hypothetical advice like some agents, he’ll give you savvy, informed advice based on almost 20 years of first-hand real estate dealings.

If you want an agent who can assist you by providing honest, constructive suggestions to enhance your property and its presentation in the market, then Bryan has the mature experience to deliver ‘home truths’, to assist you to achieve the best outcome in relation to your property. But don’t worry, he won’t identify problems without also providing the solutions (just read more about our Customised and Affordable Marketing!).

Most importantly, you will deal with Bryan directly and he will also deal with your potential buyer’s directly, as building genuine relationships with all parties is integral to creating successful outcomes for all parties.


To get started, contact Bryan Gray today on 0414 568 936 or email.