Property Sales Commission Rates

Save Thousands on Commission

We don’t believe in charging premium commission rates of 3% or higher just to pay for flashy offices or franchise fees – we keep our overheads low, so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients, at a reasonable price.

We think that our clients shouldn't have to pay more, simply because they have a valuable property to sell, rather, we believe that our professional fees represent good value to sellers of properties at all price points.

Picket Fence Properties is pleased to offer the following fixed fee, scaled commission structure, based on the list price of your property:

                Up to and including $349,999             2.50% including GST

            Between $350,000 and $499,000        2.25% including GST

            $500,000 and above                           2.00% including GST

But don’t think that our affordable commissions mean that we cut corners (like some of our competitors), when the opposite is actually true – we provide a complete service experience and we cap the number of listings that we take on, to ensure that your property receives the attention it deserves, from our leading agent.


To get started, contact Bryan Gray today on 0414 568 936 or email.